New Apricot lounge Ho Chi Minh City Terminal 2

As a frequent visitor for business in Vietnam and specifically Ho Chi Minh City I have tried all lounges in SGN airport. The Apricot lounge is one of the newest offered in the airport and opened together with the new Vietnam Airlines lounge in level 3, Apricot is located in level 1 though and it is a bit hard to find (using the small elevator inside the duty free shop behind immigration).

Since Tan Son Nhat is a rather unpleasant airport with mostly unhelpful, borderline rude staff, big crowds and long queues at security and immigration (which shuffle around every few days, sometimes they built security before immigration, than the other way around, then change again… completely insane) to me lounge access here is crucial in order to relax and calm down after the chaos of checking-in.

After the recent opening of new lounges in SGN the Apricot lounge now works as the new “contract lounge” for Tan Son Nhat airport after the old Rose lounge closed, which means it is intended for all non SkyTeam  departures (SkyTeam partners are using Vietnam Airlines lounges). I put contract lounge in quotes because all lounges in SGN have been and are operated by SASCO, so all feature the same style, food, drinks and service just with different names.

Sign with airline partners outside Apricot lounge

To describe the Apricot lounge best I’d say it is basically a small and somewhat downgraded version of the new Vietnam Airlines lounge (which I also reviewed, link above). The place is drawn out in one long room that features 2 rows of tables and lounge chairs near the window and an other row of dining tables next to the buffet.

Apricot Lounge SGN dining and buffet area

As mentioned the food is the same in all other lounges at Tan Son Nhat, you will find some pasta, rice, Vietnamese Pho and cold cuts. For drinks chilled soft drinks, beers and some very basic alcoholic selection is offered, no champagne is available.

Alcoholic drinks offer in Apricot lounge SGN

The big problem with this new lounge is that it is way too small for the crowd. I have been invited a few times and stayed there only one time, all other times I have been sent to the Vietnam Airlines lounge because Apricot was just too overcrowded. Since it can fit maybe 50 – 70 pax without getting uncomfortable the lounge simply can’t keep up with the demand of all non SkyTeam airlines, so whenever there is a departure for Emirates, Etihad, Cathay Pacific or other long haul routes it gets super crowded.

Besides the significant capacity problem the Apricot lounge features a decent modern style, good quality seating and awesome views on the gates and departing airplanes. Food and drinks are, as other lounges in SGN, ok but not specifically good. If given the choice I would always prefer to go to the Vietnam Airlines lounge at level 3.

Update on 19th August 2017:

As my original review did not cover the existence of shower rooms in the lounge I went back recently and checked how the lounge changed since my last visits and thoroughly checked the facilities.  The lounge seating near the windows was very nicely upgraded to leather sofas and chairs with comfy pillows, with that the lounge feels a lot more modern and sleek than before now.

Nice new leather lounge seating in SGN Apricot lounge

Catering stayed exactly the same as during my previous visits. The rest rooms feature 2 shower rooms each which were clean and looked fairly clean.

Towels, toiletries and shower gel in Apricot lounge shower rooms
Basic walk in shower in Apricot lounge rest room










Besides that I unfortunately had to notice that there are virtually no power sockets at all available in the Apricot lounge, which given the recent renovation is quite disappointing. So don’t count on being able to recharge your electronic devices here.

11 Replies to “New Apricot lounge Ho Chi Minh City Terminal 2”

    1. Hi Tracey, as far as I know this lounge does not have any showers but I will be there next week and give you an updated report then 🙂

    2. Hi Tracey, after revisiting the lounge I checked the rest rooms and there are indeed 2 fairly clean and big separated shower rooms available, while I would not say it is anyhow grand or can compete with lounges from airlines like the M3 it will definitely do for a quick refreshment session during transit.

      1. Hi – can I please double check if priority pass cardholders are able to use the apricot lounge, or whether it should be the orchid lounge as per the priority pass lounge guide? Thanks!

  1. Great review! I am landing just after midnight at this airport and flying out a few hours later to go up to Hanoi. I am flying Cathay Pacific business and was just going to go to this lounge to kill the few hours until my next flight. Will I be able to access this lounge on arrival? And do you know the hours? The CP website is a little confusing on closing times. Thanks!

  2. Hi Kyle,

    the lounge should be open 24h if I am not mistaken but I will recheck that once I get the chance. You probably will not be able to use this lounge under CX on arrival, if you have Priority Pass you can just enter with that tho.

  3. Hi Ben,

    Could you please verify that if priority pass holder able to use Apricot lounge? According to priority pass App, priority pass holder only able to use the Orchid(International terminal) and Saigonnais(domestic Terminal) only.

    Thank you

    1. There might have been a change in the access policies since all the lounges are operated by the same company and they sometimes shuffle, I will check this again on my next trip to SGN.

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