Vietnam Airlines lounge Da Nang international airport

After getting several recommendations to check out Vietnam from friends and colleagues I decided to spend a long weekend there in April 2016. While the city itself is not specifically beautiful but a lot more laid back than Ho Chi Minh city and features some amazing beach resorts I also had the chance to sample Vietnam Airlines lounge in DAD airport.

Da Nang airport has very few international flights and is served only by asian carriers like Vietnam Airlines, Air Asia and NokAir Thailand. Keeping that in mind and having been to Vietnam Airlines lounge in HCMC before I expected to find a rather basic domestic lounge, which was right.

I took exactly one picture of the lounge in Da Nang which literally shows everything there is:

Vietnam Airlines lounge in Da Nang airport (DAD)

There is some cold cuts and instant cup noodles, no warm buffet besides some soup (which was cold as the food warmers did not work). The food was ok if we talk quality, but it was just almost no choice.

Besides that the lounge features some chilled soft drinks and beer, a water heater and microwave (for the cup noodle and soup) as well as a fridge and a kitchen (no idea why, it’s not used at all). There were some basic rest rooms available as well.

The chairs were comfortable and big, also there were plenty of it but the lounge gets surprisingly crowded for Vietnam Airlines flights to HCMC and Ha Noi (Vietnam Airlines is using A330 or 777 planes in this route as there is apparently quite some load). Every table had a box of tissues which is a bit weird but comes in pretty handy.

Given that the terminal in Da Nang airport is quite small and there is basically nothing besides a noodle shop and the duty free store I wouldn’t say that the Vietnam Airlines lounge is bad for this environment,┬áin fact I’d say it is somewhat special given that you can wait for your flight in a relaxed way and you might feel as if you were being beamed back into the 80s for some minutes there.

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