Ibis Hallbergmoos Munich airport

After arriving at Munich international airport (MUC) from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) via Muscat (MCT) on Oman Air I unfortunately was not picked up by the complementary Oman Air chauffeur service as advertised due to some very unfortunate issues with their website and support. So I had to take a taxi from the airport terminal to my hotel.

Given that I arrived in the evening and had to fly out to Riga on airBaltic early the next morning I settled with – as I thought – a more budget friendly solution and made a reservation for the ibis Hallbergmoos, which is advertised as an airport hotel.

Even though it is only roughly 10 minutes from the airport by car there is no public transport or a shuttle bus offered by the hotel which is already a big downer. So I had to take a taxi which cost EUR20 per way as taxi pricing in Germany is just ridiculous.

The hotel is newly built and just opened a few months ago, so I expected a state of the art property in terms of facilities catering to guests that use it for a night in before or in-between flights. To be upfront that expectation got severely disappointed.

The hotel is housed in a standard looking 3 story building and features classic ibis branding with a bar and restaurant (also used for breakfast) next to the 2 check-in desks. Staff was friendly but not the fastest, according to the front desk agent their systems aren’t correctly integrated with accor yet.

As a LeClub platinum I usually get some kinds of perks, even though that is more in their 4 to 5 stars properties while this ibis apparently does not have a rating yet. My perks in Hallbergmoos were: a voucher for a drink (all members with silver status onwards get this in every accor property). I redeemed it for a bottle of water (which is not complimentary in the rooms).

The airport has free wifi which is reasonably fast but did not work on my MacBook (it just did not show the login screen) and I got an access code for the premium wifi – we can count that as an other platinum perk, somewhat…

The room featured a queen size bed with only two pillows and a desk with a chair as well as a drawer – all very basic yet functional style as usual for ibis hotels. It also had a flat scree TV which I did not use.

Room in Ibis Hallbergmoos Munich airport

The room also had several power outlets, all for European plugs which came as a bad surprise, one would imagine in 2016, where international socket outlets cost less than a dollar, a newly built airport hotel with significant amount of international guests would feature those and some USB charging plugs, or at least adapters. The ibis Hallbergmoos does not.

The bathroom was as well rather basic but featured most of the important necessities. Two big towels, soap and body wash/shampoo as well as a toilet and shower obviously.

Bathroom in Ibis Hallbergmoos Munich airport
Shower in Ibis Hallbergmoos Munich airport

What I did absolutely not understand is why a newly built hotel does not feature floor heating, especially in bathrooms since the tiles are super cold without heating which makes it easy to get sick especially since there are no slippers provided. Also in a hotel were most guests stay for a short time and I presume mostly for layovers it is absolutely not understandable why there are not even toothbrush provide . Yes I know this is an ibis and not a luxury chain but if you market it as an airport hotel you need to actually cater to airport guests.

While the rest of the room was alright and I can’t complain about that, also the hotel has an AC which comes in handy during summer and many older hotels in Germany don’t have it, I feel that this hotel received very bad planning and management so far.

An airport hotel is characterized by catering to travelers and their demands when staying near an airport, a hotel does not become an airport hotel just because you built some standard style hotel somewhere near an airport. Sadly this ibis seemed to think as long as you pick a place on the map that is near enough MUC without zooming you can call yourself an airport hotel.

No shuttle (it’s just ridiculous at a place with no public transport and not in walking distance to the airport, it also means you need to add EUR20 per way to the costs if staying there), close to no membership perks, no floor heating, not even international socket outlets.

While I am fully aware that this is an ibis and not intended to be a luxury property I think we also have to keep in mind that it is intended for airport travel and as a new and completely for this purpose constructed property I find the value for money (EUR75 per night + EUR40 for taxi) just shockingly bad, something I would not have expected from a respected group like accor.

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