Malaysia Airlines regional lounge Kuala Lumpur

Since Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia Airlines (MAS) main hub the airline has two separate business class lounges at Kuala Lumpur international airport where it is using terminal 1. One of the lounges is located at the main terminal building – this is the regional lounge – whereas the Golden lounge is located at the satellite building with the C gates.

Both lounges have been recently refitted and offer quite good features and service compared to many other lounges around Asia. While the regional lounge is mostly used for short haul flights with MAS the Golden lounge – besides being open to oneworld status holders – works also as contract lounge for many other airlines.

Since I frequently fly to Ho Chi Minh City from Kuala Lumpur and those flights usually leave from the G or H gates in the main terminal building KLIA, I have been numerous times to the MAS Regional lounge.

The lounge is located at the upper level right behind the first immigration and security check and next to Starbucks. After taking the elevators up to the lounge one will check-in with the lounge attendants. Next to the check-in desk is a nice water fountain and a selection of newspapers. Behind the fountain located is the bar that offers alcoholic drinks and handcrafted coffee and tea beverages as well as the buffet with cold cuts, salat, some fruits and sweet cakes as well as the usual selection of soft drinks.

The lounge does also have an extensive buffet with hot options, the food here is definitely above lounge average and there are always multiple choices with two different kinds of rice, curry, chicken or beef as well as pasta and fish. Next to the hot buffet there is a even a soup station where a lounge attendant can prepare fresh soup on demand. Compared to what most other business class lounges offer the Regional lounge is absolutely on top of their game – even more so considering it is mostly used for short haul flights.

Sparkling wine with a view at Malaysia Airlines regional lounge

Next to the buffet is a dining area with plenty of tables. The lounge also has a (paid) spa and a business centre as well as a small indoor playground for kids. The restrooms are located behind the spa and are a bit hard to find when you are there for the first time. Besides normal restrooms the lounge also features very big and clean shower rooms, something I find equally impressive to the food selection given the intended use of the Regional lounge.

Shower and restroom at Malaysia Airlines regional lounge

On the other side of the lounge there are lounge chairs and tables as well as an elevated bar right besides the windows which feature amazing views in the gates.

Lounge seating at the Malaysia Airlines regional lounge
View on Malaysia Airlines planes at the gate from Malaysia Airlines Regional lounge KLIA

The basic necessities with a TV screening news channels as well as flight information screens (though no boarding announcements in the lounge) and fast WIFI are covered. The only complaint I could make is that the WIFI password is only available at the bar or during check-in, as usual the Vietnam Airlines lounges are example how to do it right.

I find the Malaysia Airlines Regional lounge to be one of the best at Kuala Lumpur international airport, the food selection is amazing and the offer is rounded up with a great bar service and the usual soft drink selection. While it does get a bit crowded at times mostly you will find a quiet lounge, with the comfortable lounge seats as well as the great plane spotting bar next to the windows one can have a great time waiting here for boarding.

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