Plaza Premium lounge Singapore Changi airport

On my recent short haul flight from Singapore Changi (SIN) to Kuala Lumpur (KUL) with Malaysia Airlines I used my Enrich miles to redeem the short journey in economy. Since I do not maintain any status with MAS or oneworld there was no lounge invitation.

Fortunately I can visit select Plaza Premium lounges with my Maybank Visa infinite card, and a short research online revealed that Singapore is one of the select places.

Malaysia Airlines Boing 737 at the gate at Singapore Changi airport

Malaysia Airlines is using terminal 2 at Singapore Changi airport whereas the Plaza Premium lounge is located in terminal 1. Both terminals are connected via a sky train so it just took a few minutes of waiting and a short train ride to get over to terminal 1. From the sky train there is quite a long way to walk to the lounges and – naturally – the Plaza Premium lounge is the most distant from the train.

Check in was a quick one with my credit card and after 2 minutes or so I was admitted to the lounge. Directly behind the front desk the lounge starts with an area that features comfy chairs and lounge seating as well as a big window that gives amazing views on the run- and taxi-ways. The view is truly great and I spent most of my time here at the windows looking at the planes – with the big windows the lounge is also significantly brighter than the not so open Plaza Premium lounge Penang.

View on lounge seating at Plaza Premium lounge Singapore Changi airport

Opposite to the lounge area is an other big area with private booths that stretch throughout the lounge. Right to it and besides the lounge chairs are the restrooms. Restrooms were big enough and clean, there are also shower rooms available.

Private booth in Plaza Premium lounge Singapore Changi airport

Since it was a bit crowded during my stay I did not manage to take any good pictures of the buffet. There were some cold cuts, salads and a few limited hot options. Also the usual selection of chilled soft drinks, juices and self-serve alcohol.

Salad and cold cuts in Plaza Premium lounge Singapore Changi airport

The food spread and service was quite nice for a contract lounge, but not as good as in the Plaza Premium lounge Hong Kong.

All seats had conveniently placed power sockets and while the style wasn’t too modern and I noticed some wear and tear overall the lounge was in a very good shape. Basics like fast WIFI and flight information screens at the front desk were covered as well.

The only negative thing I think is worth noting is the location, even for flights departing in terminal 1 the lounge is just super far to reach from most gates and that is not only exhausting but as well consumes precious pre-boarding time.

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