Malaysia Airlines Golden lounge Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur international airport terminal 1 (KUL) is the home of Malaysias national carrier Malaysia Airlines. Since it is the biggest hub for the airline MAS operates 2 separate business class lounges.

One of the lounge is located in the main terminal building – which is mostly used for domestic and regional Asia destinations – the Malaysia Airlines Regional lounge. The Malaysia Airlines Golden lounge is in first floor of the satellite building at KLIA near the C gates.

Besides the use as business class lounge for Malaysia Airlines and oneworld airlines at Kuala Lumpur airport the Golden lounge is also open as contract lounge to various other airlines such as Oman Air and Vietnam Airlines.

I guess after the horrible year of 2014 and the limited lounge landscape at KUL that was a welcomed additional business for the struggling carrier. In fact of all the times I have visited this lounge I did never do so on invitation from Malaysia Airlines, but always other carriers.

The Golden lounge is significantly bigger than the Regional lounge in the main terminal building, yet it does not feature the same facilities. After checking in at the front desk there is a separated bar area at the left which serves alcoholic drinks. Once you passed by that bar you enter the main lounge with some nice and big lounge chairs around the windows that give some – rather unimpressive  (compared to the Regional lounge) – views on a few gates.

View from the Malaysia Airlines Golden lounge

Next to the lounging area  is a buffet with cold cuts, salad, sandwich and sweet options. This buffet is in a somewhat separated and slightly elevated room that has also some dining tables. Next to it is an other bar for hot beverages which is adjoined by a small soup station where guests can order fresh local style soup and laksa (a spicy Malaysian curry soup).

Farther into the lounge is a separation which has some hot buffet options, normally rice and pasta but again less than the Regional lounge, with more lounge chairs on the one side and some juices, soft drinks and newspapers on display at the other side near to the windows.

Malaysias signature dish ‘nasi lemak’ in Malaysia Airlines Golden lounge Kuala Lumpur

The restrooms are located near the entrance and behind the bar serving alcoholic drinks. While they are bigger and of course always clean these restrooms do not feature any individual shower rooms.

The lounge does not have boarding announcements but several flight information screens. WIFI is available but as usual for MAS lounges the password is a bit hidden at select places (front desk/bar).

While the Golden lounge is significantly bigger than Malaysia Airlines other lounge at KUL it is not up to the standard of the Regional lounge. Food offers are similar but a bit more limited and the style and facilities are also not on-par. That being said I still think the Golden lounge is a great place to spend some time before boarding and you will find food and other lounge necessities checked. It is also definitely a much better choice than other lounges in the satellite building.

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