Novotel Munich City Arnulfpark

Before my flight back to Kuala Lumpur on Oman Air I decided to spend one more night in Munich so I would have the day of my departure in the city for some shopping, since Oman Air flights from MUC depart in the late evening.

After my last stay in Munich in the alleged airport hotel Ibis Hallbergmoos was not that nice after all and the following nights in a 5-star Pullman in Riga were even worse, I decided to stick to Accors 4-star level, which provides a lot better value for money in European properties. The Novotel Munich City Arnulfpark seemed like a good choice for that and given that it was freezing cold in Munich with lots of snow, I had a good incentive to thoroughly review this hotel.

I booked the standard room and on check-in got informed that I was upgraded to the superior room since I am a platinum member. The difference is a free mini bar, the room itself is the same. My room was the last room in the sixth and highest floor, which is following my Accor account preferences.

When entering the room you are in a corridor that has two drawers and in between a small place to sit and put your luggage at. Quality and style is decent and the same as in all more modern Novotel properties.

Corridor of superior room in Novotel Munich Arnulfpark
Corridor in Novotel Munich Arnulfpark

I found the door disturbingly heavy, even for me it was really hard to push it open with the luggage in my other hand. Also the door falls right back into the lock with a pretty fast speed, not really thought through for a hotel.

Directly to the right when entering the room was the bathroom, which could be closed with the drawer like swinging doors on both sides, nice and handy concept. The bathroom had a walk-in shower with rain shower on the left and on the right the toilet.

Bathroom in Novotel Munich Arnulfpark

Everything was clean and of good quality, the standard Novotel toiletries were provided but a dental set was missing. After requesting such set I was told to pick it up at the front desk since they apparently have only one staff for the whole hotel during the night. I noticed a minor thing with the toilet, it had no soft-close lid and given that this hotel was built 2015 I would have expected that as standard. A bigger issue for many people is probably the shower which is elevated by some 15cm, that can be an unnecessary obstruction especially for elderly people.

Rain shower in Novotel Munich Arnulfpark
Restroom in Novotel Munich Arnulfpark

Another minor thing with the bathroom is the hair dryer, which can operate only full blast cold or full blast hot. Again for a 4-star hotel opened in 2015 I think that is sub-standard.

The room itself featured a big flat screen TV, a mini bar and coffee maker, a small strip with a chair that could be used for working, a relaxing chair (advertised as sofa which I find misleading) and a double bed with night tables.

Superior room in Novotel Munich Arnulfpark
Double bed in Novotel Munich Arnulfpark
Mini bar, coffee maker and safe deposit box in Novotel Munich Arnulfpark

The style and quality is in line with other Novotel properties and decent. The room itself was also very clean and had a good size. No complimentary water was provided, but given that the mini bar was free that was ok. I found a tasty welcome amenity, additional to the standard drink voucher, with the welcome letter for members which is a nice touch for a 4-star property.

Welcome amenity for member in Novotel Munich Arnulfpark

While everything in the room was decent and I liked the size there is one big issue: the bedding. It was really scratchy and felt super cheap, what made it worse is that they use a weird foam mattress that just felt wrong when lying on the bed. Since bedding is pretty much the most important thing in a hotel that is a big issue, I brought it up during check-out when asked for feedback.

Another unsatisfying part is the WIFI, there is slow complimentary WIFI included which comes with a limited speed of 1mbps. I got a premium WIFI voucher upon check-in as part of my member perks which could be used for 6h on 1 device, you can also buy it for EUR20 which is an outrageous price in 2017. In general I think a limited free WIFI is ok, but nowadays that should be more than 1mbps.

Wifi speed at the Novotel Munich Arnulfpark

Besides this I was happy with the room, after all this is a very standard 4-star city Novotel where you shouldn’t expect anything overly special. Minor things like the door, WIFI speed and the toilet features are worth noting but nothing significant. What I think this hotel needs to improve on is the bedding and the shower since I am sure this is inconvenient for many guests. Nevertheless out of the 3 Accor properties I stayed at during this trip the Novotel Munich City Arnulfpark definitely delivered the best value for money.

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