Review MGallery The Royal Beach Seminyak Bali

For the long weekend over Thaipusam I decided it was finally time for a trip to Bali. After having been living in South East Asia for almost 3 years I had never made my way to Indonesia or the Bali, even though it clearly is a very famous destination amongst tourists.

As a Le Club platinum member I decided to spend my nights at one of the numerous Accor properties in Bali, the MGallery Royal Beach Seminyak. While I did really not like Bali, article on that is coming up, I can’t really decide if I dislike the hotel or if it is just old and I should have expected to get what I got.

Due to the uniquely terrible transportation situation in Bali it took me a lot of effort to find a transportation that does not scam or harasses me on the way, but after roughly 40 minutes of walking in the heat I got rid of the taxi drivers / tourist murderers that tried to catch me at the airport, which enabled me to order a uber. Uber by the way is the worst in Bali, use GRAB instead as it works much better (not good of course, but much better for Bali).

As traffic seems to be a 24h disaster in Bali, due to the small roads that were obviously not designed with the existence of cars in mind, it took an hour from the airport to reach the MGallery in Seminyak. Once arrived the car pulled up to the lobby after passing a security check at the gate, all hotels and clubs in Bali seem to be very concerned about explosives on/under cars.

Lobby in MGallery Bali resort

I was invited to check-in at the member desk (on the right in the picture) and received a refreshing welcome drink and towel during the check-in process. This hotel does sadly not have a club/lounge and instead I was given an invitation for one free buffet dinner during my stay. I also received a welcome letter, the usual drink voucher for members, discount vouchers for the breakfast and I was informed about an upgrade to a higher room category which ended up being the “Deluxe Room”, which features a slightly bigger size, but everything else is the same as the “Superior Room”. During the check-in I was also greeted by the manager which was a nice touch.

My room was on the same level and in the same building as the reception, so it was a short walk there while my luggage was delivered by the staff. The hotel has a huge resort area and two other buildings with rooms as well as several private villas.

TV and desk in MGallery Bali

The room was very spacious, at the door was a small corridor that featured a wardrobe with mini bar, coffee making facilities and bathrobes. On the right side was the bathroom with a bathtub and separate shower, as the room itself the bathroom was also rather spacious. I found it a bit disappointing that it had only one basin since the space would have easily accommodate two.

Single sink in MGallery Bali bathroom
View on the bathroom in MGallery Bali










Bathtub with separate shower in MGallery Bali

The bathroom featured all the usual 5 star amenities, which were all unbranded (MGallery brand). I missed a scale which should be standard. Unfortunately this hotel is in bad need of renovation as everything was quite worn and some items clearly should have been long replaced, for example these disgusting shower appliances.

Disgustingly stained shower in MGallery Bali

The same goes for items like the drawer and TV in the room, not everything was badly worn but it was all old so the stuff that wasn’t maintained well (most of it was) was a bit of a downer to me.

Worn and really not matching style drawer in MGallery Bali

Besides that I liked the room size and features, as well as the king size bed which was super comfortable, one of the best bedding in Accor properties so far and widely superior to the Novotel Munich Arnulfpark for example.

I was also surprised about the amazing WIFI speed and great coverage all over the resort.

Wifi test with surprisingly fast connection in MGallery Bali

The room had a nice view on the resort garden from the balcony. In general the resort is very beautiful and features an ancient Balinese style. One thing I did not appreciate was the few lights outside during night time, it was literally too dark to walk. Maybe this is for the ambience or they did not put enough power outside (which is probably also the reason that there were way too few power outlets in the room).

Ocean view from the pool in MGallery Bali
View on the pool in MGallery Bali resort









View on the MGallery Bali from the balcony

While I did not go for breakfast in the hotel I did make use of the free dinner and had some snacks and cocktails at the pool. The pricing was in line with what you would expect at an international 5 star resort. Snacks and cocktails were ok but nothing specifically good and for the dinner I would have been very disappointed if I would have paid. It is worth noting that the resort was fairly empty so they might not have been giving their best for the few guests.

I did also visit the spa, while the massage was very relaxing and I can’t complain about that the spa is really run down and not acceptable for this kind of resort. They did not even had individual lockers in the room so the dressing process had the charm of your local gym. Also there was a very noisy water fountain in the waiting room that you could hear everywhere in the spa, it probably was supposed to be nice but sounded like a broken toilet flush.

In conclusion the MGallery The Royal Beach Seminyak was probably an amazing hotel 20 to 10 years ago but today it really needs to undergo renovation, which should focus on the facilities, modern comfort and furniture replacement while maintaining the local style. Nevertheless I was mostly ok with the stay as the staff was really friendly, the room was spacious and the resort was quiet. I won’t return to this property even after a potential renovation but that is due to the fact that Bali to me is the worst destination for holidays in Asia so far.

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