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Since I am a frequent visitor to Ho Chi Minh City, very much like Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, I do have a favourite hotel in Vietnams biggest city where I spend most of my stays at.

The Pullman Saigon was opened just a few years ago, hence it is one of the most modern hotels in the city and located in the CBD at the border of district 1, still close to the center but also convenient to go in the surrounding districts.

Being in one of the tallest buildings in Ho Chi Minh City the Pullman stands out and can be seen from far due to it’s unique purple lighting. In fact most of the times you can see the hotel on the approach to Tan Son Nhat airport (well at least if you know what to look for).

The lobby is rather small and has only 3 desks, of which one is the member desk, so it can get a bit crowded at times. Next to the lobby are some sofas and chairs where you can wait and a small bar for drinks and snacks. The service here is very good, staff is in general very friendly and helpful with good English, whenever I arrived for example the security at the entrance would settle the luggage for me so I can just proceed to the lobby.

Depending on your status level or booked room category the check-in will be either at the lobby or at the executive lounge in the top floor. Level 32 also features a dining restaurant and a small sky bar that is quite cozy, but a big waste if you ask me. It is not at all being marketed and mostly you will find just a few hotel guests or no one at all there. While it is not a specifically big place it features really nice views on the city center.

Guests with access can choose to have their breakfast in the lounge, with a small buffet and a very extensive and nice a-la-carte menu. Furthermore the lounge has the normal afternoon tea spread and a evening cocktail offer that ends super early at 7pm, which is literally my only complaint with this lounge.

Eggs Benedict in Pullman Saigon lounge
Traditional beef noodle soup “Pho” in Pullman Saigon lounge
View over Ho Chi Minh City district 1 from Pullman Saigon lounge

Member recognition is very good here and depending on the status one can always score nice upgrades and perks like free laundry, discounted spa visits, etc. Of course the usual drink voucher is also handed out during check-in. Over the time I have stayed in various room types here, so this review will focus on the Pullman suite, to which I received a few upgrades. The suite is housed in one big room that is divided into a work/living area and the bed. While there is no physical separation the room is very spacious so that is not a problem for me, it also feels very bright and big due to open layout.

Living area featuring working desk, sofa and huge TV in Pullman Saigon suite

The living area features a huge flatscreen TV mounted to the wall,  sofa with a table and one big chair. Also next to the huge windows is a huge desk with comfortable office chair. The desk provides conveniently located power, and internet outlets. You can also connect your computer (or any other device) to the TV with an HDMI cable.

Sofa and king size bed in Pullman Saigon suite

Directly behind the sofa is a comfortable and big king size bed with two night tables. Next to the bed and behind a bamboo separator is the bathroom that features double basins, a walk in wardrobe with luggage rack and a desk for dressing on the right and on the left a separated WC as well as huge round bathtub and a walk-in shower which are both slightly elevated.

Double basin in Pullman Saigon suite
Bathtub and shower in Pullman Saigon suite

The suite features a very stylish combination of the Pullman brand and traditional Vietnamese design elements, which I love. The other room categories in this hotel feature a similar style.

The hotel also has a gym, spa and pool all on the same level. I tried the spa once and found it ok, nothing special but also not bad.

If you prefer a bigger breakfast buffet the restaurant on level 3 has a huge spread of high quality local and western style food for breakfast. It is also pretty huge as it covers one whole level, so it never got too crowded when I was there.

No matter which room category you book the Pullman Saigon is definitely one of the best hotels in Ho Chi Minh City. Everything is very modern and perfectly maintained, the staff is nothing but amazing and the location is extremely convenient to explore the city. This hotel provides the single best value for money out of all Accor properties I have been staying at around the world and I am looking forward to my next stay here!

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