Review Tosca DoubleTree Johor Bahru

While I normally focus on airline and hospitality related topics and reviews here I find it worthwhile to share one surprisingly good address for Italian food in Johor Bahru.

I always had trouble to find any good Italian places in Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur basically has nothing in that direction, unless you want to spend a couple of hundred dollars per person for something somewhat decent.

So my expectations where not specifically high when I went to Tosca. Located in the only international chain hotel, the DoubleTree by Hilton, Tosca is on the 17th floor which also houses the pool. Views are great and the place itself looks very upscale with superb service.

I came in for dinner and there was only one other table occupied so I had free choice of where to sit and opted for a table near the window. Overlooking Johor Bahru town I found a pretty extensive menu covering everything from antipasti, pasta, pizza, deserts, meats and fish. Additionally there was a huge antipasti buffet that could be added to any dinner order.

Given that I did not want to eat too heavy I skipped that and just ordered a pizza. Shortly after I placed my order with the friendly and attentive staff a small appetizer was served.

Delicious Italian appetizer in DubleTree Johor Bahru Tosca

The pizza came after some 15 minutes and was very nicely done. I opted for the chefs recommendation which was a pizza with multiple selected cheese variations. It was delicious and I was really happy to have been gone with this choice.

Pizza in Tosca DubleTree Johor Bahru

For desert I ordered a tiramisu with a cappuccino that were both served promptly. The cappuccino was solid but nothing special while I loved the tiramisu which was super yummy.

Tiramisu for desert in Tosca DubleTree Johor Bahru

For the quality of food and location the bill was surprisingly reasonable at just a bit over RM100. They even validated my parking card for the basement hotel parking. On my way out I had a look at the restrooms, I know a bit random, which were also quite nice.

Nice bathroom in DubleTree Johor Bahru

Tosca was a very positive surprise for my dining experience in Johor Bahru and easily one of the best Italian places I sampled in Malaysia so far. The DoubleTree hotel looked great as well and should be a nice option for visitors to the city.

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