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For a long weekend in April I decided to explore Johor Bahru since I haven’t been there, despite living in Malaysia for years, as well as spending a day in Singapore which is right next to Johor Bahru town.

Johor Bahru does not have that many hotels especially if you are looking for something more upscale. The only chain hotel I found was the DoubleTree by Hilton which was somewhat pricey for a town like Johor and since I am not a member anyway I decided it wasn’t worth the money. Instead I went with the 4 star Amerin Hotel, which I booked through AirAsiaGo, that is located a short drive of 10 minutes away from Johor town.

I arrived late night by car and parked in the hotels parking, which is complimentary for guests. Upon taking the lift down to the lobby I had a quick and easy check-in process, but was a bit surprised that the clerk was simply wearing his casual private cloth instead of any uniform.

After receiving my room key cards I once again took the lift up to the 7th floor where my room was located. The hotel is fairly new and was just opened last year, that was one of the reasons why I opted for this place since I prefer newer style and facilities.

The hallways had an lets call it interesting style, I certainly would not have chosen this combination of colours. I also did not like the carpet as it was hard to carry luggage on it, I always find that a bit stupid for a hotel since they should keep in mind that the texture and quality of a carpet at these places really matters.

Kinda weird hallway in Amerin Hotel Johor Bahru

The room itself had a drawer right besides the door with a place to hang coats, a small coffee making facility, a luggage rack and a super randomly placed and to me useless sink.

TV with desk and luggage rack in Amerin Hotel Johor Bahru

Further into the room was a desk and a small flat screen TV mounted on the wall. Right from the door was the separated bathroom that had frosted glas walls. I liked the huge walk-in shower and the great hotel branded toiletries.

Bathroom in Amerin Hotel Johor Bahru

Unfortunately only small shower towels were provided, no smaller hand towels and the towels provided were of low quality and quite thin. Definitely disappointing for a 4 star property. The hair dryer was also of low quality, for one it was attached to the wall which I find simply cheap, it might be ok in budget hotels but for a 4 star property I think it is inappropriate. What is even worse was that the hair dryer would overheat after half a minute use and then had to cool down for 5 minutes until it would turn on again. I don’t know how it is even possible to find such cheap electronics nowadays…

The room featured a king size bed with decent bedding and a night table on each side of the bed. While not particularly fancy I found that part of the room perfectly acceptable.

King bed in Amerin Hotel Johor Bahru

Very much like the bathroom the facilities in the room were mixed as well, for example there were no built in USB chargers or an HDMI socket on the TV, which I would expect from a property built after 2012, this one was opened in 2016.

On the positive side the room had digital “do not disturb” or “make up room” sign that could be activated with a switch next to the door. I love those! But then again the phone did not work and the slippers provided basically fall apart by just looking at them, then were changed every day without request. Why would you buy the cheapest quality slippers to, presumably, save money and then change them every day? Just doesn’t make sense…

The door also had an alarm when it was not properly closed which I appreciate and I think more hotels should have that, it might be just me but often I am concerned that the door is not properly closed when I leave my room.

My rate also included breakfast which was served until 10:30am in the second highest floor. The buffet was a bit small on both days and food quality not that good, what is worse is refills stopped always around 10am and the servers started to clear the buffet 10 minutes early. There was also no espresso machine available, well more there was one but all buttons except normal coffee did not work. So breakfast was pretty much a complete miss.

Above the restaurant for breakfast was the sky pool that had also a sky bar attached to it. The views were not great but that is not the hotels fault since in the area there is simply not much to see.

Sky pool on the roof top in Amerin Hotel Johor Bahru

Concluding I was satisfied with my stay at the Amerin hotel, I probably would not return since it was not memorable but I also don’t feel bad about staying here. It is clearly visible that the hotel lacks professional, international management since the service wasn’t particularly polished and some processes don’t make sense. Also there is more maintenance needed given the state of the hotel after such a short time of operating. Yet the room size was decent, everyone was friendly, parking and breakfast included and the location while a bit remote was still convenient enough.


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