Review Plaza Premium Lounge Kuala Lumpur KLIA

Before embarking on my recent trip to Europe in Emirates A380 economy  I had the chance to sample one of the very few independent contract lounges in Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Terminal 1.

Located in the satellite building that houses the C gates Plaza Premium lounge operates on the upper level and is a short way from the sky train. Besides being used by multiple airlines for premium passengers it is also part of Priority Pass and several credit cards like the Maybank 2 cards premier give access. As for Maybank cards be aware which cards give access as they like to shuffle it around every few months, of course without informing customers.

My flight left late night and I expected the lounge to be rather empty, while there were only a few guests when I came in over time the lounge filled up, presumably due to several late night take offs from Emirates and Qatar.

The interior consts of a buffet with hot and cold options next to the entrance. The variety was rather bland and the soft-drinks chiller did not work, so no cold drinks. The coffee machine was out of service and the buffet was not refilled at all during my stay. Food did not look specifically appealing so I skipped the buffet and just took a warm water.

No coffee for guests in Plaza Premium lounge Kuala Lumpur

Next to the buffet was a bar where paid alcoholic drinks are available, very disappointing that there was no free alcohol. This is in fact the first Plaza Premium lounge were I saw any paid drinks at all. So let’s call food and drinks a complete miss.

The lounge featured several different lounge chairs next to the windows and in a long stretched room. Furniture looked rather dated and had some wear and tear but was still alright. I did not like that the lounge in general had only dimmed light and therefore was quite dark, generally it is nice if you can see what happens around you…

More lounge chairs in the Plaza Premium lounge
Lounge chairs in the Plaza Premium lounge Kuala Lumpur

The lounge also features windows looking out on some of the gates and tarmac. While I could not see anything due to the night time I assume during day time the views would be quite solid.

Window chairs and view on the gates in the Plaza Premium lounge Kuala Lumpur

I find it worth noting that the restrooms looked vastly different from the dated lounge. Very modern, clean and a sleek style that I prefer much more than the lounge itself. Sadly it is not very practical to spend much time in the restrooms so maybe one day they can renovate the lounge as well…

Restroom in the Plaza Premium lounge Kuala Lumpur
Toilet in the Plaza Premium lounge Kuala Lumpur

Final verdict I think the Plaza Premium lounge in Kuala Lumpurs satellite terminal is ok if you get access anyway, but I would not call it solid due to the dark lounge area, paid drinks, non working chiller and coffee machines and the disappointing buffet. While it is certainly better than the terminal all other lounges I visited in KUL are vastly better like the Malaysia Airlines Golden lounge located just a few meters beside the Plaza Premium lounge.

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