Review studio room in Sila Urban Living Ho Chi Minh City

After returning from a trip to Europe in September thanks to the cheap Qatar Airways fare sale ex Ho Chi Minh City I needed a room for one night before taking my flight back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, this time hopefully in a slightly more modern plane than the outbound flight.

Normally the Pullman Saigon Central is my go-to place in Ho Chi Minh City, it is easily one of the best Pullmans out there and I have stayed countless times at this property. For the date I was in Saigon tho it turned out to be outrageously expensive and I decided to branch out into a non chain property this time.

After I quickly pulled up agoda I came across Sila Urban Living, which seemed to be quite new and had great pictures coupled with positive reviews. The property seems to be aiming for both long term guests as well as short stays and the smallest room is a full fledge studio unit.

Besides the great price the location is also quite good as it is located on the edge of district 3, near to the city centre and still just a short ride from the airport.

When I arrived by taxi in the early afternoon after my flight I was immediately assisted by two bell boys who took care of my luggage so I could just walk to the front desk for check-in. The staff was friendly and spoke acceptable English, don’t expect too much in Vietnam but in general people are incredibly kind and try to accommodate foreigners who speak no Vietnamese as best as possible.

I quickly got my room key and headed up to the studio on the 3rd floor. Sila Urban Living is using traditional room keys opposed to key cards and you do not need any card either to access the elevator. I do not really like that as it is very easy to just copy the key and enter the room later again, especially since this property has long term guests I assume people with bad intentions might find this an easy and lucrative target.

View from the entryway into the room in Sila Urban Living

After entering the room I was very impressed by the size, when I booked this night I read it was a studio but somewhat did not realise that we are actually talking about a full-fledged studio for people to live in.

Unfortunately I got a smoking room which was clear by the small and an ashtray on the lounge table. Now I can’t exactly guarantee but I am pretty sure I requested for a non-smoking room on agoda. I walked back to the front desk and requested a room change which took roughly 15 minutes but was eventually accommodated. It seemed to have been a bit surprising to the staff that I would not want a smoking room, so I guess almost all visitors to Sila Urban Living smoke?

The new room was located on the 8th floor, besides that it had an identical layout and was facing in the same direction. While I liked the room as such the view was not exactly prime.

Charming View from Sila Urban Living studio

The room had a short entryway of which the kitchen was on the right and the bathroom in a by glass separated room on the left.

Entryway into the room with kitchen to the left and lounge chair in Sila Urban Living

The kitchen was fully furnished with a stove, sink, kettle, toaster, microwave and fridge, perfect for people staying for weeks or longer to cook or keep some stocks in their studio.

Microwave and kitchen in Sila Urban Living studio

The bathroom had a single sink which is fine for a studio and a separate walk in shower.

Single sink in Sila Urban Living bathroom

While the bathroom was not particularly spacious it was still fine and featured a decent amount of small face, hand and shower towels. Enough towels are important to me…

Walk in shower in Sila Urban Living studio

What the bathroom lacked in space was made up by the huge walk-in shower, it could have easily fitted 4 people, given that we are in Asia probably even twice that. Besides normal soap there were basic shower amenities provided from a generic brand.

Shower amenities in Sila Urban Living

After the entryway to the left was a small dining table and behind that a decent sized wardrobe and one more drawer. For people staying here long that would be very convenient to permanently sort their cloth and other belongings.

Small dining table and wardrobe with drawer in Sila Urban Living

The room also featured a very comfortable and huge king size bed with night tables on both sides. I really loved the great and plus bedding.

King size bed in Sila Urban Living

The side tables had power sockets ‘hidden’ in them which was convenient to charge phones and other devices over night, but given that if you open the sockets the cover would stick out and couldn’t really be closed while using the power it also minimized the usable space on the side table itself.

Sorta convenient night table power sockets in Sila Urban Living

Opposite the bed as a flat screen TV that had access to local TV stations. It was crazy big but solid for a hotel room.

Flatscreen TV and side table in Sila Urban Living

The bottom line for Sila Urban Living is that I was very positively surprised about the quality and standard of service and rooms. The staff was friendly and quick to assist while the rooms were spacious, except the bathroom, and furnished above what I expected.

The hotel also has a gym and a pool that I wasn’t able to test. While overall I was happy with my stay the security is not good as room keys are for a traditional key lock and everyone can copy and enter rooms like that. The view also was nothing particularly nice, but that is not in the power of the hotel to change.

I would most likely return to this property and think it is a great place for both short and long term guests due to the great value proposition and convenient location.

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