Service review at B&B Hotels Germany

B&B Hotels is a relatively new hotel chain in Germany aiming to capture the market segment of budget conscious travellers that look for an overall decent standard and amenities.

I would put it in the same market segment as the Ibis hotels from Accor, which it seems to exceed as far as I see from pictures and reviews. However I wanted to check for myself and chose the newly opened B&B Hotel Hamburg Wandsbek.

I was looking for an opportunity to stay in a B&B Hotel a short business trip to Hamburg in May seemed to be perfect. So I placed a guaranteed reservation for the B&B Hamburg Wandsbek, newly opened it looked like a very sleek and modern place to spend a night.

While I was really looking forward to my stay here unfortunately at the very last minute my plans changed and I had to cancel my reservation. B&B Hotels has a very generous cancellation policy where you can cancel until 7pm of the day of arrival without being charged.

So I called the hotel around 6:50pm, when it became apparent that I would not be travelling to Hamburg at all. I quickly told the agent that I unfortunately wouldn’t be able to check-in and she immediately replied that she found my reservation (with just the name given at the beginning of the call) and cancelled it for me.

That was it. No call queue, no complicated record locators needed. The whole process took under a minute and I was throughly impressed. While this might sound like a very normal interaction, Germany is really not known for good service or being particularly convenient and flexible when dealing with more or less anything. So this was a refreshing surprise and I am now more than ever looking forward to staying at this chain in the future!

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