Plaza Premium lounge Penang international airport

In May 2016 I went to Penang, one of the most developed islands of Malaysia and a frequent destination for me. Besides its cultural heritage around the city of Georgetown I love Penang because it provides you with the convenience of a developed and somewhat big city while being way more clean and laid back than Malaysias capital Kuala Lumpur.

As well Penang island (there is also a a big area on the mainland that is part of Penang state) has some very nice resorts and beaches around Batu Ferringhi and Tanjung Bungah, even though I wouldn’t swim in the ocean since it is a major ship route.

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New Apricot lounge Ho Chi Minh City Terminal 2

As a frequent visitor for business in Vietnam and specifically Ho Chi Minh City I have tried all lounges in SGN airport. The Apricot lounge is one of the newest offered in the airport and opened together with the new Vietnam Airlines lounge in level 3, Apricot is located in level 1 though and it is a bit hard to find (using the small elevator inside the duty free shop behind immigration).

Since Tan Son Nhat is a rather unpleasant airport with mostly unhelpful, borderline rude staff, big crowds and long queues at security and immigration (which shuffle around every few days, sometimes they built security before immigration, than the other way around, then change again… completely insane) to me lounge access here is crucial in order to relax and calm down after the chaos of checking-in.

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Lisbon Portela Airport LIS Blue lounge

For one of my last flights from Portugal to Germany with Tap Portugal I decided to stop by the Blue lounge in Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS) where I was admitted for free with my Visa infinite card (I honestly think it was a mistake by the lounge attendant but oh well…).

Lisbon airport is alright for Europe, but the check-in area is quite chaotic (especially the TAP Portugal counters) and despite its decent size I find LIS to be more crowded than I would enjoy. Hence being able to wait in a lounge instead of the crowded remote gate area was exactly the right thing for me.

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Vietnam Airlines lounge Da Nang international airport

After getting several recommendations to check out Vietnam from friends and colleagues I decided to spend a long weekend there in April 2016. While the city itself is not specifically beautiful but a lot more laid back than Ho Chi Minh city and features some amazing beach resorts I also had the chance to sample Vietnam Airlines lounge in DAD airport.

Da Nang airport has very few international flights and is served only by asian carriers like Vietnam Airlines, Air Asia and NokAir Thailand. Keeping that in mind and having been to Vietnam Airlines lounge in HCMC before I expected to find a rather basic domestic lounge, which was right.

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New Vietnam Airlines lounge Ho Chi Minh City Terminal 2

Vietnam Airlines recently opened its new business class lounge in Tan Son Nhat airport (SGN) which serves Vietnams biggest city Ho Chi Minh City.

Having been flown in and out SGN countless times I had the pleasure of visiting the old Vietnam Airlines lounges located in level 1 (same as arrivals and gates, next to gate 17) many times. While it wasn’t the worst lounge I have been at it certainly also wasn’t anyhow outstanding as the food was more or less cafeteria style and facilities were pretty run down while having the style of the late 80s.

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